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How A Broke And Desperate Blues Guitar Player Accidentally Stumbled Upon An Amazing Secret That Lets You Achieve All Your Goals And Dreams…Without Even Trying!

Forget the struggle, agony and frustration of forcing yourself to change your life…and finally discover the scientifically proven method that frees the mind to attract anything you want effortlessly. Hint: It does NOT involve reading a bunch of boring books, repeating dozens of affirmations or doing hardly any work.

If you just want to easily and quickly attain your heart’s desires then, you’ve gotta read this.

From: Dr. Joe Vitale

Dear Friend,

How would you like suddenly gaining a reputation as a person with the “midas touch”?

You know, there is no better feeling in the world than becoming the person you intend to be. Setting goals and fashioning those ideas into reality.

My biggest thrill comes from deciding what I want – whether that’s building a booming business, making a massive pile of cash, losing a little weight around the “middle” (like my recent 80-pound melt off) or meeting new people who will become my friends – and…


I love to see my friends drop their jaws in amazement when they hear about an “impossible” venture I took from ground zero to stellar success. Like when I sold 25,000 copies of my best-selling book “The Attractor Factor” and bumped “Harry Potter” out of the #1 spot. No one thought that was possible… but… I had the secret.

And, the funny thing is anyone – including YOU – can learn how to make achieving an automatic habit… without even trying.

I don’t care how bad your situation feels. I don’t care if you don’t have a penny to your name… the love of your life left you stranded… and… the boss has it in for you. What you’re about to discover here will… for real… change your life forever.

That’s why I believe this will be the most important message you’ll ever read…

Here’s the story: A handful of years ago I met a musician – with unparalleled talent – named Pat O’Bryan. At the time, Pat was playing Blues guitar at the local “dives” for $30 bucks a night.

He was barely scraping by with a family to support.

I started talking to him and we became fast friends. I found out Pat desperately wanted to improve his circumstances. Could a scraggly rock and roll rebel like Pat transform his life for the better?

The answer ended up being a resounding… YES!

Using the secret method I’m about to reveal to you, Pat O’Bryan went from struggling Blues guitar player - hard up on his luck - to achieving these extraordinary goals…

  • He attracted publishing and recording contracts with a Major European record label, and took his show from the beer-drenched bars of Texas to the international stages of Europe!
  • He started a global Internet publishing empire creating nearly 40 products in one year alone. These informational products help people world-wide to make their own dreams come true just as he did!
  • He boosted his income from barelyenough to live on to beyond his wildest dreams. And most of it is residual income from his digital online business that pours money in daily!
  • He moved his family from a cramped trailer to a two-story home on a golf course. Pat now lives in the exclusive neighborhood of Woodcreek, in Wimberley, Texas. A lot of artists and eclectic musicians also live there.
  • And now, having proved the secret I’m about to reveal to you, Pat is moving on to still greater accomplishments. One of them is the subject of this message which I’m going to explain to you in a second.

Before I give you the inside scoop let me tell you why Pat was able to produce such magical lightning-fast change. And why you’re unwittingly sabotaging your chances for success.

First of all… you must understand…


So why is it so tough to make the changes you know you should? Well, it’s not your fault. The real problem is all the junk already programmed into your mind. According to the latest scientific research, by the age of fifteen our minds are wired to automatically “think” according to certain programmed patterns.

Now, this may not be news to you… but… stay with me because here’s the exciting discovery that can transform you into the person you always knew you could be.

Even though genetic programming can not be altered… the fact is… environmental programming is reversible. Empowering new information can replace current conditioning. A brand new self image – no matter how battered or damage the current one is – can be molded.

And it’s easy and totally effortless.

How so? I’m glad you asked. Look: What we know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that…


It does not matter what you want to attract into your life. Love, money, relationships – anything – will manifest itself as the result of habit patterns of thinking and acting.

Which means, the results you’re getting now are in direct response to your habitual way of thinking about things. And those thoughts produce habitual actions which produce the results – good or bad. Your brain is literally killing your chances for success because of what’s already trapped in there. Replace the garbage and you instantly change the results

Now, I’m not talking about forcing yourself by sheer will power to produce the things you want.

No way!

There’s a quick, no-brainer way to make this happen no matter how lazy you are.

It’s this simple: Have you ever been in your car and after hearing a song on the radio a few times you start singing along with it? How did that happen? How did you know the words? You certainly never read the lyrics. Well, the music playing repetitively penetrated your subconscious mind and you learned the song… without thinking about it!

That gives you a hint…


Science proves that by using a certain process – the one that Pat and I actually worked together to create - self-defeating habits flush right out of your subconscious mind and are replaced immediately with powerful new success habits.

You can have anything you want: wealth, happiness, health, peace of mind.


But first, you gotta get a grip on this: The best way to penetrate the subconscious mind is to distract the conscious mind. Get it out of the way. Because the conscious mind acts like a filter blocking out even useful material.

The key to rapid change is to inject new habits of thought directly into the subconscious mind. Without interference.

We created a system that anyone can use to literally transform your life within a few short days. In fact, you’ll sense the positive changes and feel the results in as little as 15 days! Within 30 days your life will be completely different… better, easier and filled with the positive things you crave for.

The result of our research and testing produced…

The Milagro Manifestation Method

From now on your conscious mind can’t interfere to create inconsistency between your thoughts and actions, to block the riches you should be getting, or to allow anything to get in the way of your purpose.

Using this safe method of reprogramming and reconditioning your mind for success… life answers to your beck and call. It will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done to elevate yourself to the highest pinnacle.

And it’s gonna “debug” your brain of all the crap force-fed into it over the years. While… at the same time… your mind rewires itself for instant positive change.


Without force or struggle.

Almost overnight.

Imagine this: You sit in a relaxed comfortable position – maybe in your favorite lazy boy chair – slip on a pair of headphones and listen to soothing music. As you listen, positive and empowering messages penetrate directly into the subconscious. Success-oriented beliefs replace limiting beliefs with absolutely no effort on your part. Nothing could be easier or more enjoyable.

You don’t fight current conditioning. No raw will power is needed. There’s no struggle or labor involved. Heck, you don’t even think about it. Just listen while your mind absorbs the new habits of thinking to…

Attract Everything You Ever Wanted… Guaranteed

How is this possible?

Because the Milagro Manifestation Method uses hypnosis, Milagro VF™, computer technology, subliminal affirmations and soothing music to put your mind in the optimum state for reception. Then it reprograms your mind with the success-oriented messages you need for automatic and instant change.

What Pat and I discovered is that by combining the above tools we open up a highway of transmission right smack into the subconscious.

For example, by applying the Milagro VF™ technique and binaural brain wave beats (discovered by German scientist HW Dove in 1839) the human brain operates at a low θ (theta) frequency. This makes the brain most receptive to the subliminal messages you want to install. The technique is most effective when wearing headphones.

That’s why it only takes days to start feeling and seeing the results you want.

Using the Milagro Manifestation Method you’ll finally discover…

  • How to make any goal you choose a reality quickly and effortlessly! (This is the key to automatic success and instant change proven by science to work miracles! Plug in your headphones and listen! That’s all there is to it!)
  • How to build unstoppable momentum toward your life’s ultimate purpose! (A snowball effect will happen that propels you toward manifesting your deepest desires! It’s almost spooky how you’ll suddenly know what to do and take massive action on the spot!)
  • A logical method to overcome the six basic fears (you’ll learn what they are) and eliminate bad luck forever! (You really will possess what seems like the “midas touch” after reprogramming your mind. Amazing!)
  • What you’re chief business in life really is and how to start engaging in it!
  • The Law of the Master Mind and the startling implications it has for you! (One of the reasons so many people fail is because they don’t know this law. But you will!)
  • What the little-known psychological and economic reasons are for setting your sites on a major life goal! (Almost nobody understands this simple concept! It is the cornerstone upon which all success is built!)


  • How to make yourself the happiest person you know! (The process almost seems ironic but it works wonders and brings out the very best in you!)
  • A clear explanation about how to manifest ideas into their physical equivalent! (Now, nothing can stop you from taking your ideas and making them into real things!)
  • Exactly what causes some people to attract good things while others attract the opposite of what they yearn for!
  • Four simple steps that squash the tendency to procrastinate! (Taking massive action becomes a matter of course once you learn how to beat procrastination!)
  • Why success eludes people who think they can do it all on their own!
  • The difference between actual failure and temporary defeat! Too many people allow a few bumps in the road to take them off track forever. But with the right understanding you’ll know the real meaning behind apparent “failure”. Which will give you the fuel to keep on keeping on.
  • How to make dissatisfaction work for you instead of against you!
  • 12 laws of riches! When you follow them consistently… then… windfalls of wealth practically drop in your lap!
  • 10 major causes of failure! What they are and how to steer clear of them!
  • How to engineer feelings of confidence, security and overflowing enthusiasm for the tasks you must do to reach your goals!
  • How to control your thoughts without thinking about it! The method allows this to occur on automatic. No conscious thought is needed.
  • What the starting point of a fulfilling and successful life is! It’s a core concept most people never find out about!


  • Six steps by which the desire for riches is transmuted into its financial equivalent! Here’s all you need to know to gain financial freedom!
  • How to trick the subconscious mind into giving you plans for acquiring your goals!
  • How to get the knowledge you need to produce any result! (There are two critical things that must be done to turn knowledge from potential power into working power! If these things are not done then the knowledge is impotent!)
  • The secret of making your active imagination a powerful force for achievement!
  • Gain unlimited success without all the work, worry and stress! (You really can change your life for the better immediately by using the Milagro Manifestation Method. It fills your mind with the positive messages you need and rewires your brain for success. It’s the easiest way in the world to improve your life!)

Everything you ever hoped for is well within your grasp. For those of you who are serious let me tell you what the program includes and how to use it for optimal results:

  1. Law Of Success Automatically (Value $399)
  2. This program is a compilation of 9 audio files that you can listen to on your computer, burn to CD, or download to your IPOD or other mp3 player immediately – level one to level three – that take you through Napoleon Hill’s 1926 masterpiece “The Law Of Success In Sixteen Lessons”. Using sophisticated Milagro VF™ and subliminal technology…


    The audios provide relaxing music, environmental sounds and a car-friendly version you can safely listen to while driving.

  3. Law Of Success Workbook (Value $79)
  4. The workbook contains over 118 pages of simple exercises that pertain to each section of the audios. The main points are presented. You get the essence of each part of the Law Of Success to better understand how to use the principles Napoleon Hill teaches.

  5. Mind Changing Audios (Value $299)
    • Relax And Heal Automatically – 3 part audio program with over 35 minutes of soothing music embedded with positive subliminals
    • Audio Espresso! – 3 part audio program about 41 minutes in length that helps you overcome laziness and procrastination.
    • Attract Wealth Automatically – 3 part audio program with over 32 minutes of subliminal music that allows you to retain wealth attraction principles.
  6. The Law of Success Audio Book (Value $197)
  7. A complete course based on Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success”. We condensed almost 800 pages down to the essential elements, and created a complete audio course for you. This is the stuff that makes millionaires. You can listen in your car, while you work- anytime you want to program your mind for success.

  8. Several "Surprise" bonuses (Value $?)

That's $1,000 in actual cost. The value is much higher than that!

Are you sick and tired of fumbling through life? You know that things can be so much better.


This is your chance to grab life by the collar and take it where you want to go. Besides, it’s not like you have to work your fingers to the bone to make this happen. The whole point to our program is that change happens on its own… if… the right info is pumped in your mind… using proven scientific technologies.

Since the program is 90% hands off – plug and play technology - your mind takes in the life altering information without you doing anything.

A few short days from now you can start enjoying all the things you’ve always wanted. Picture yourself with the job or business you desire. Feel wealth flooding into your bank account. Imagine a relationship with a significant other that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s all possible.

Make the decision right now to form your life into a masterpiece.

Your friends and family will wonder how in the world you became so successful. Some of them may even envy you. So what? It’s your turn to shine.

This is what you need to finally become the person you know you should be.

Hey, you know what? If you tried other programs and got no results that’s okay. Why? Because this program is proven to work and requires no effort on your part. Plus, Pat and I are going to make sure you don’t fail…. and… make you a risk-free offer. Our primary purpose is to help you succeed.

How To Get The Best Results

This is a "Total Immersion" program. You can listen to the audio guides in your car. You can mine the secrets in the workbooks anywhere you like, any time you like. Don’t listen to the subliminal/binaural audios in the car (they’re way too powerful)- those are for when you're ready to focus and integrate your mind. Bottom line- no matter what else you're doing: driving, writing, reading- you can keep feeding your mind these amazing concepts.

In just a few days positive results will manifest.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It will change your life instantly.

This program is not for the casual person who “thinks” they may want to improve their life. This if for people who know they possess greatness within them. For people who are willing to take responsibility and massive action.

We’re giving you the opportunity to check out the program entirely at our risk. Take a full 60 days before you decide. Put us to the test. Immerse yourself in the program and then judge for yourself. The 60 days trial period is more than enough time for you to witness awesome changes in your life. We’re plenty confident you’ll be extremely happy.

That’s a…


Which means… you experience the Milagro Manifestation Method for FREE, if you choose.

I can’t be more generous than that. On the other hand, maybe I can.

Like I mentioned above, the total value of the Milagro Manifestation Method is $1,150. But you won’t have to pay that if you take advantage of this special offer.

Special Offer

Order NOW and get this amazing, life-changing package for only $297.

Within a very short while you’ll start attracting all the wealth your little heart desires.

To get your hands on this amazing program right now, click on the link below. Within three minutes, you can be downloading your copy of The Milagro Manifestation Method.

To immediately download this amazing program right now, click on the link below.

Let me go over this one more time… because I want you clear on what I’m offering…

  • Using this program your mind automatically gets “rewired” for success. The junk is flushed out and empowering thoughts are programmed into your mind’s neural pathways for instant and lasting change.
  • There’s no work on your part. Roughly 90% of the process is listening to audios that permanently imbed new thought patterns. You just listen. The workbook summaries reinforce what you learned on the audios. I mean, this is just too simple.
  • You don’t need will power. The whole process requires that you use the program. Plug in the audios, put on your headphones and let it do its job without you interfering. You’ll love this.
  • Within 15 days amazing things will start to happen. As you allow the new thoughts to impress themselves on the subconscious you’ll find yourself achieving goals you’ve been struggling with for years. Lose weight, get a raise, attract a special somebody. Miracles wait for you.
  • And… you don’t risk a penny by taking advantage of this offer. Go ahead and check it out. You’ve got nothing to lose because you’re covered by our guarantee. Keep in mind, Pat and I are respected Internet marketers with reputations to maintain. We’re both too visible to do shady stuff. So, get your hands on this now.
  • Order Now!

Hurry! So order now while this is fresh on your mind.

To immediately download this amazing program right now,
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You’re gonna love how your life will change instantly and automatically.

Dr. Joe Vitale

P.S.—This is the information you’ve hoped to find for so long. I know what it’s like searching for something that will really work. Trying all sorts of things and never getting the results you want. Don’t give up. Because the Milagro Manifestation Method gives you the scientific technology for amazing results. Whatever problems or challenges pester you today… whatever goals you can’t seem to accomplish… whatever lifelong dreams you’ve wished to realize… this program gives you the only tools you need to make it all happen fast. Amaze your friends and shock your family with your newfound success. Don’t delay. Call or place your order online right now – today!

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